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ORION by Phedon Bilek

ORION by Phedon Bilek

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Written by Phedon Bilek, formatted by Phill Smith and printed by Haresign Press,  Orion... mehr

Written by Phedon Bilek, formatted by Phill Smith and printed by Haresign Press, Orion is destined to become one of the greatest mentalism book releases in the last decade.

This project contains over 600 pages of pure, minimal, groundbreaking mentalism designed for no-prop, impromptu situations. No nail writers, impression pads, or any other gimmick. With the material taught within its covers, Orion will teach you over 100 new methods and subtleties that will leave your audience no choice, but to believe you have read their mind.

Phedon has developed revolutionary ways to squeeze and extract every drop from a word or name, and details every single routine for you here, including his complete scripts to make it easier for you to learn.

Moreover, in the very same vein as those encountered in Sibyl, the tools provided in Orion are not only disarmingly simple to understand and to apply, but they are also extremely versatile and modular, allowing you to adapt them to your own style and include them into your already existing repertoire.

What Phedon gives here is not only a set of routines, methods, techniques, and subtleties. Using Orion's metaphors, it's his very vision of mentalism he's unveiling, and what you're about to discover on this path he has carefully traced out for you will not fail to deeply inspire you and set your creativity on fire.

With over 20 performance-ready pieces, its revolutionary tools, innumerable subtleties and 10 potent 'discussions', Orion goes far beyond a mere mentalism book. It is no less than Phedon's invitation to you to share his endless journey, and join him on his quest to become real.

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