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The Professional Touch - Billy McComb
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The Professional Touch - Billy McComb

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Wir haben sie, die Restauflage!!! THE PROFESSIONAL TOUCH BY BILLY McCOMB is back in print... mehr

Wir haben sie, die Restauflage!!!

THE PROFESSIONAL TOUCH BY BILLY McCOMB is back in print again and this time as a hardback. This is a revised edition of the book with a superb introduction by Kirk Charles reproduced with kind permission of the Linking Ring.
We first produced this important book back in 1987 as a softback. Billy reveals some of his greatest routines in amazing detail. The book is edited and illustrated by David Britland with extra illustrations by JAT.
Billy McComb is one of the world´s top cabaret magicians. He has worked all kinds of venues and performed all kinds of magic and in his book shares some of his many experiences, thoughts and routines and describes how you too can give the professional touch to your act. Being a professional means thinking about your act in a commercial way. Here Billy deals with such points as misdirection, patter, close-up, opening effects, cabaret - in fact a wealth of information gained during his many years as a professional entertainer.
Billy touches on so many varied and interesting subjects connected with show business that it is impossible to list them here. We can promise you that reading about them will be an entertaining and educational experience. In addition to the tricks and routines explained in this book, Billy has also included complete descriptions of three cabaret routines used by him for many years. Every nuance of the performance is explained. Not just how you do it but, more importantly, why you do it.
A study of these three routines and their construction should pay dividends when applied to your own act. This is professional magic by one of our most entertaining professionals. Amongst the routines and effects described you will find The Nap Hand routine, the Ring on Stick and Billy´s Bill in Lemon.

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