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In the magical sale you will find greatly reduced magic books.

Tarbell Course Vol. 2 Zauberbuch Tarbell Course
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Up in Smoke Zauberbuch Up in Smoke
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Magic Atlas by Joshua Jay Zauberbuch
Magic Atlas by Joshua Jay
At only seventeen years old, Joshua Jay has authored a collection of over fifty explosive effects! Joshua Jay's, Magic Atlas is a map guiding you through the uncharted territory on the philosophy of magic, as well as six adventurous chapters filled with creative magic using: Cards Coins Rope Silks Pens Matches Shirts Finger Rings Sand Band-Aids A Remote Control A Paintbrush...
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Complete Guide to Billet-Switching Zauberbuch
Complete Guide to Billet-Switching
This booklet contains material by Corinda and Ralph Read. Corinda's mentalism is "clean" and requires no complicated props. The ideas in this 46-page book can make you a master mentalist. By adding a little mentalism to your act you reach a new plateau.
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Up in Smoke Zauberbuch
Up in Smoke
L. Jennings Any four-of-a kind is removed from the deck. The magician blows a puff of smoke toward the cards, causing them to instantly vanish. The missing cards are then immediately produced from four different pockets. A Handy Transformation :A card is selected and returned to the deck. Four cards are shown and this packet is placed between the spectator’s hands as the...
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Tarbell Course Vol. 2 Zauberbuch
Tarbell Course
The set of Tarbell consists of eight books. Each book, by itself, can be used to help you gain professional knowlege of thousands of magical effects. If you were buying the books one at a time, We recommend that you start by buying Volume VII that has a cummulative index. This set of eight books is known as the Bible of Magic. Fourteen Lessons 410 pages 1087 illustrations...
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