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Books of Wonder Vol. I + II Zauberbuch

Books of Wonder Vol. I + II

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Jim Krenz, when reviewing The Books of Wonder in The Linking Ring called them "quite simply the... mehr

Jim Krenz, when reviewing The Books of Wonder in The Linking Ring called them "quite simply the most important tomes published on magic." Jamy Ian Swiss in Genii wrote, "among the very greatest books of this or perhaps even the next, century." Michael Close in MAGIC said, "The Books of Wonder are the Our Magic of the late 20th century." We could go on, but you get the idea.

Tommy Wonder, one of the most respected professional magicians in the world today, performs both close-up and stage magic with consummate artistry. Volume I contains chapters on misdirection, close-up magic with cards and coins, and original platform effects, concluding with the astonishing "The Ring, the Watch and the Wallet".

Accompanying the tricks and routines are numerous essays that will make you think very differently about how you perform magic. These books comprise an extraordinary and unique manifesto for artistic magic. To understand the impact they are having on modern magic, you must read them!

327 pages in hardcover

Volume II of The Books of Wonder continues with chapters on close-up magic with other objects than cards and coins, utility devices that put a world of miracles within your grasp, and tricks for platform and stage. Included are the famous Wonder Two-cup Routine, improvements for Zombie and the Vanishing Birdcage, and three methods for Borrowed Watch in Nest of Boxes so ingenious, your jaw will drop just reading about them. And, as in Volume I, there are numerous genuinely thought-provoking and enlightening essays, which fit with Wonder´s magic to illustrate how he puts his thoughts into action.

342 pages in hardcover

The Books of Wonder, Volumes I & II are now sold only as a set. However, for those who already have Volume I and wish to order just Volume II, this can be done while the very few existing single copies of this book remain. Order soon, as when these copies are gone, Volume II will only be available for purchase with Volume I. Single copies of Volume I are no longer available

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