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Array by Fraser Parker eBook

Array by Fraser Parker eBook

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Array  is Fraser's take on the algorithmic stack. He has been working on this problem 'on... mehr

Array is Fraser's take on the algorithmic stack. He has been working on this problem 'on and off' for the past six or seven years and was only recently able to find the ideal solution he was looking for. His idea was to create a stack that was not only incredibly easy to learn but could also be applied effortlessly, in performance. He imagined a system that could be learned simply by reading through the rules once.

Fraser is pleased to say, all of the pieces of the jigsaw finally fell into place to allow him to create what he considers a close-to-perfect arrangement for this type of method. This system allows you to instantly know at which number position in the deck a specific playing card resides and vice versa, with no difficult calculations or mental effort and with very minimal memory work. In fact, doing so becomes intuitive; the necessary maths happens in a conceptual way and the process is more a series of mental shifts that take place in the moment.

It will take around an hour to completely learn the system and then you will have a tool you can use for the rest of your life (providing you stay familiar with its rules and refresh your memory from time to time).

The stack itself appears to be in a random shuffled deck order. There are no obvious repeats of values or suits. In fact, suits appear mixed together in different clumps of red and black, throughout the deck.

Fraser is now sharing this system with the magic community so that others can benefit from its economy and efficiency.

1st edition 2023, PDF 18 pages.

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