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By Any Means Necessary by Maritess Zurbano

By Any Means Necessary by Maritess Zurbano

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Much of this material is previously unpublished, ground-breaking subtleties and effects that... mehr

Much of this material is previously unpublished, ground-breaking subtleties and effects that no one has shared before.

"By Any Means Necessary: Mentalism for Hypnotists" is REAL WORLD tested uses of mentalism within hypnotic practice and stage shows. Use mentalism as your secret weapon to get those clients/audiences UNDER, or simply use mentalism to add variety and upsell your hypnotic program. Maritess Zurbano is both a working mentalist and hypnotist, who has entertained audiences around the world for over two decades.

"By Any Means Necessary" contains effects for the clinician, for people who are thinking of transitioning to stage, or for professional stage hypnotists. This book provides outs in any situation by using pseudo-hypnosis, and by utilizing the ideomotor response. Zurbano's approach to mentalism is more psychological and "natural" than gimmicky, closer to hypnotic effects than usual mentalism. If you want to upsell your hypnotism show to include mentalism and mindreading, instead of your client hiring two performers, they have the ability to hire only you. The material works in tandem with hypnotism, and primes the audience for the mesmerism to come.

E-Book Content:

  • What is Mentalism?
  • 19 Basic Effects
  • Cross Arms
  • Armchair Psychic
  • Haunted Key
  • Ideomotor
  • Pendulum
  • Hellstromism
  • Number Psychic Force
  • Hungry Psychic Drawing
  • Cold Reading
  • $1 to $100 plus mnemonics
  • Center Tear
  • Georgia Magnet
    Bonus: Divining the Deck

    Extra Content:
  • Easy, practice!
  • Medium Easy, practice!
  • Tricky--Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • Years of practice to be able to perform it correctly

What people are saying:

"Mari's work here brings the miracles back to hypnosis. This information will turn even the most knowledgeable clinical hypnotist into an entertainer"
- Jimmy Fingers, world-renowned mentalist and inventor

"I met Maritess in Las Vegas in "92," and knew she had "IT." I watched her grow into the amazing performer she is today!
This is a must read book for all hypnotists who have ever wanted to or thought about being able to add magic to their hypnosis. This book will help you break the ice, and give you the skills you need to convince anyone of your powers to hypnotize.
This book isn't just for stage hypnotists, it's for all hypnotists, and hypnotherapists. Yes these secrets can be used in all hypnotherapy session pre-talks to help you get the clients attention, stimulate, and excite their imaginations opening their mind to you.
Maritress, has written an easy to read and understand "HOW TO BOOK" that takes you by the hand, and walks you step by step on everything you will ever need to know about adding magic to your hypnosis tool bag!
"By Any Means Necessary" is the Hypno/Magic Handbook! This book will make you "AMAZING" to all...."'


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