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Time Hacker - Pitata

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Time Hacker ist ein äußerst geniales Kunststück, das von der Firma Pitata entwickelt wurde. Es... mehr

Time Hacker ist ein äußerst geniales Kunststück, das von der Firma Pitata entwickelt wurde. Es gibt weltweit nur 200 Exemplare davon zu kaufen. Der Effekt ist schnell erklärt: Eine große weithin sichtbare und moderne Wanduhr ist mit einem dünnen Seidentuch abgedeckt. Ein nicht eingeweihter Zuschauer darf nun eine beliebige Uhrzeit nennen und zwar nicht nur die Stunden sondern auch die Minuten. Nennt er zum Beispiel 15.25 Uhr und das Tuch wird abgezogen, so ist die Uhr genau auf 15.25. eingestellt.

Was Sie noch wissen sollten: Die maximale Zeit, die die Uhr braucht, um sich einzustellen beträgt 25 Sekunden. Das allerdollste ist aber: Sie können nahezu jede Uhr verwenden (eine wird mitgeliefert) und diese sogar nach der Vorführung verschenken. (Bei Ikea gibt es preiswerte Wanduhren, die dies ermöglichen).

Insgesamt wurde nur professionelle Technik verbaut.  Die Details entnehmen Sie bitte der englischsprachigen Beschreibung.

Gemacht von Profis für Profis.



ATTENTION: very few pieces avilable!

The PITATA UTP-Time Hacker is a dream device. You can use it to predict any time that the audience will say at will.

What really matters is - The clock can be given to the audience as a souvenir at the end!

PITATA Time Hacker is a dream device for all magicians. You can use it to predict the time that the audience will say at will.

Very suitable for all kinds of large stages or parlor shows. Can also be used for close-up performances (David Penn used it during a table-side performance. It can be used for important dinners and appointments).
You can perform this effect with almost any wall clock and give the clock away to the audience immediately after the effect. This alone is a miracle! Yes. Almost any wall clock will work!
You can put any time in the clock in an average time of just 6 seconds.
The gimmick can be controlled from our remote control unit, from an Android or iOS App.
The main unit has Bluetooth + 2.4G dual-mode, which can be connected to the mobile app and the remote control at the same time. If one of them is disconnected or fails, the other can be used as a backup to deal with unexpected situations.
The signal link for UTP Time Hacker is very stable between the device and the gimmick. For tech-based magic products, signal stability is of the utmost importance. PITATA also promises long-term after-sale service. Defects in quality will only be replaced and not repaired.
The longest time the clock hands need to travel is to 11:59 (i.e. the hands need to spin a full circle), it can be completed in about 25 seconds. (It cannot rotate in the opposite direction. This is the nature of the design.)

In the PITATA version, in addition to being incredibly easy to use and convenient - the clock can also be given away to the audience.

About the selection of the clock:
You can purchase the wall clock at IKEA for just $2-3, and swap out the movement with our provided moments. This will be compatible with the UTP-Time Hacker.

1. Possibly the highest level of workmanship in the industry. The main body and remote control are all made from open-molding injection molding, with excellent feel and structural strength.
2. The new, removable battery design solves the lifespan issues of most electronic magic props once and for all.
3. The well-thought-out remote control design conforms to the magician's usage logic. Its shape and arrangement have been tested and modified, allowing you to operate it fairly quickly and precisely, even when pressing sightlessly in your pocket. In a magic performance, we want the product to adapt to you and not the other way around.
4. Multi-vibration feedback system designed from the perspective of a magician - every step you press, including input, cancel, send, accept success, complete rotation, and even accidental disconnection and reconnection, there are corresponding vibration prompts that allow you to fully grasp and avoid any surprises that may arise during your performance.
5. Built-in, long-distance 2.4G remote control. Despite the global chip shortage, we still managed to obtain the Bluetooth 4.0 chips, which ensures a reliable connection between the main body and the cell phone.
6. PITATA APP. In addition to the convenience of controlling a single clock to the next level, we have also built a brand new ecosystem with infinite possibilities: PITATA IoT system. This means that from start to finish, the performer does not have to do anything, the effect takes care of itself. 

This is UTP-Time Hacker.

That's what we have been developing over the past 15 months.

Other Information:
- The main body uses the most common 18650 lithium battery, which can last for more than 10 hours on a single full charge.
- The remote control uses a 302025 lithium battery, which can be used for more than 5 hours on a single full charge.

- Main unit: 7.5x8.4x4.7 cm outside the main unit at its widest.
- Remote Control: 6x3.5x1.2cm.
- Weight: Main unit: 125 g. Pen 20 g.

Battery life:
- Main Unit: 10 hours. Remote Control: 5 hours
- Signal connection distance: > 10m.

- PITATA Time Hacker.
- Full Online Instructions.
- One Year Warranty.
- One IKEA Wall Clock.
- Usually 10 customized movements are provided (works with most other wall clocks). In our package, however, you will find 21!
- Customized Clock Stand.
- PITATA APP (IOS or Android).

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