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Thurston and Dante Zauberbuch

Thurston and Dante

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25 years ago... Phil Temple published a collection of over 450 pages of correspondence between... mehr

25 years ago... Phil Temple published a collection of over 450 pages of correspondence between Howard Thurston and Harry Jansen (DANTE), the two most prominent magicians of the times. The unique publication quickly earned positive reviews throughout the magic community, and "SOLD OUT".

Now, 25 years later... a new generation of magic enthusiasts and historians can enjoy the wealth of firsthand knowledge as presented in this enlarged and enhanced publication.

Thurston And Dante...the Written Word will provide hours of enjoyable reading and present to the reader insight into the workings of trouping the world's largest magic shows, reveal illusion secrets here-to-fore unknown to many, present many of the magic personalities of the times as seen through the eyes of Thurston and Dante, and in general show the true relationsship between two greats from the Golden Age of Magic.

  • 2 Volume Set in Custom Slipcase
  • Typeset - Full color througout
  • Hardbound w/place ribbons
  • 784 pages on 80lb. book, semi-gloss paper
  • Limited Edition of 500 copies

"Much is contained in these 782 pages. These letters constitute a primary source for information about magic's "Golden Age." Anyone interested in the magic and magicians of that era, or trouping big illusion shows will find these books invaluable."
- Claude Crowe, MUM, Oct. 2007

". . .800 pages in a magnificently produced two-volume set. . . the entire package is offered for a price that, in the world of such books, can only be described as a bargain. If the subject matter (Thurston and Dante) is the kind of thing that interests you, then you will simply have to own this eye-popping pair of books."
- Jamy Ian Swiss, GENII, Oct. 2007

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