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PreCLOCKnition by Joker Magic

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The clock, once taken out from the bag, shows exactly the freely selected time! Everything... mehr

The clock, once taken out from the bag, shows exactly the freely selected time!
Everything can be immediately examined, the arms of the clock are fixed at that time, they can't be moved!

Witch precise engineering and modern design, we present you this trick made of walnut decor and plexiglass in the usual Joker Magic quality.
The eight golden plexiglass "timestamps" can be held in a small velvet bag, and you can fit he clock into a larger one, making them easy and stylish to carry around and present the trick!
The clock easily fits into the pocket of a coat, and it is ideal for close-up and parlor performances. If you would like to do the trick on the stage for a larger audience, we recommend our stage size version of PreCLOCKnition, which includes larger timestamps, so they are easy to read from further rows.

The trick can be learnt within minutes, and the spectator's selevtion from the 8 timestamps is free!
The clock can be reset in a second, and doesn't use any electronics or aplications. You don't need to "steal" or "add" anything secretly, everything is contained within the clock itself!

The trick comes with online video explanation in English.
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