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Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy Zauberbuch

Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy

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The enormous Larry Jennings book you've been waiting for. A new Royal Road to Card Magic,... mehr

The enormous Larry Jennings book you've been waiting for.

A new Royal Road to Card Magic, Jennings style.
Improve your basic card handling.
New ways to do the sleights you think you know.
Learn amazing tricks.
No passes, No culls, No palms, No half passes.

  • Over 120 tricks!
  • Over 120 sleights and techniques!
  • 582 pages, written by Richard Kaufman!
  • 1,400 photographs by Julie Eng!

Englischsprachiges Buch, Großformat, Festeinband, 582 Seiten, illustriert mit 1.400 Foto, Kunstdruckpapier, Fadenbindung (so bleibt es geöffnet flach liegen!).

There are other books, such as Royal Road to Card Magic and the Card College series, which teach basic sleight of hand with cards. These books are certainly worthwhile, but none of them offer what Mr. Jennings Takes it Easy offers: a systematic reworking of every sleight, guided by an overarching aesthetic view, one of naturalness and uniformity of action. To have all this information collated in one place, organized pedagogically, so the student can progress in a logical, methodical way is a tremendous gift.

...what you learn in this book will be a revelation and will transform your card magic. Are you going to use every move or perform every trick? Of course not. But you can apply what you learn to the tricks you already perform, and they will look cleaner and more magical.

Larry Jennings left the planet too soon... But I’m sure he would be pleased with Mr. Jennings Takes it Easy. It cements Larry’s legacy in magic history. If you do card magic, it is a must-buy. It has my highest recommendation.

Michael Close

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