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MINT #2 by Edward Marlo

MINT #2 by Edward Marlo

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M.I.N.T #2 by Ed Marlo is the first in a two-part collection of revolutionary card... mehr

M.I.N.T #2 by Ed Marlo is the first in a two-part collection of revolutionary card specialist Ed Marlo's incomparable contributions to the New TOPS magazine (Marlo In New Tops). M.I.N.T #2 collects Marlo's submissions between 1968 and 1979, a total of 49 powerful Marlo masterpieces, a diverse and exciting range of tricks, sleights and subtleties, many of which have since become staples of the magician's arsenal.

Ed Marlo's name is regularly invoked by the most skilled and knowledgeable magicians, but his out-of-print contributions to the New TOPS magazine have been hard to find and have commanded top dollar on the collectors market. With this new reprinting students can finally get their hands on these inspirational collections and begin using Marlo's fascinating toolkit of powerfully fooling techniques and engaging tricks to level up their own magic.

M.I.N.T #2 is 404 pages, covering 49 of Marlo's contributions to the magazine and covers a huge range of ideas, techniques, utility moves, visual sleights and complete tricks. For clarity, the text is fully illustrated with hundreds of detailed line drawings.

Marlo's creative exploration of the art of magic is second to none and M.I.N.T represents an unmissable window into his hugely influential thinking.


Introduction: Jon Racherbaumer

May: More Deuce Sandwiches
July: Marlo's Logic
August: Beveled Edge Second Deal
September: Ace Vanishes
October: The Fake Pickup
December: Latest Ace Vanishes

January: Somersaulting A - 2 - 3
March: Moveable Card Pass
August: Slip Count Principle

January: Wrist Turn Passes

August: Long Distance Collectors
December: Diminishing Universal/Colorful Surprise

April: Notes on D. C. D.
August: Still Collecting/ Reverso
November: Deuce Sandwich Switch

February: Invisible Thought Transference
June: Think Touch Turn
August The Marlo Shelf
November: Bottom Deal Exchange
December: New Approach Location

March: Center Deal Effects
April: New Card Add
June: Instant Coin Assembly
August: A Radical Departure
October: Marlo's Wrist Turn Passes
November: Variations of a Palm

January: More Mental Reverses
March: Olrarn Turnover Switch
April: Double Departure
June: Something to Borrow Again
August Spectator Cuts Aces
September: Spectator Cuts to Locate The Aces
November: Marlo Switchout

February: Inexplicable Reverse
April: Trite Trickery
June: A Voice From the Past
July: Wrist Turn Change Plus
August: The One You Choose Is The One We Use
November: One Way, Two Selections

January: Two Limited Selections
February: Reversed Image
March: Simplex D. C. D.
April: Double D. C. D.
August: Touch Turn in Reverse

January: Marlo's Almost Perfect Stop Trick
February: Block Turnover Principle Applications
March: Red Black Transposition
April: Variation of Phase Four
May: Mental Reselection


"A gold mine of some of the most important and useful work with cards ever published"
- Louis Faraga

"Serious students of card magic will heatrily welcome the M.I.N.T volumes."
- Jon Rauchenbaumer

"...there is EXCELLENT material in these volumes that very few magicians know and even fewer perform."
- Scott F Guinn

"I think every cardician should study the materials by the real card master-Ed Marlo. Although some of the materials may not suit the taste of the younger generation, the quality of the magic inside the book are realy top-notch."
- Alex Hui

"Ed Marlo was the most prolific creator in the history of card Magic. He had work on pretty much every effect and move with cards. In MINT 1 and 2 you will be in for one hell of a treat as you discover the genius of the man. I can't recommend these volumes enough!"
- John Carey

"...even the most zealous critic would be hard-pressed to ignore the wealth of ideas, sleights, effects, methods, and plots that Marlo bestowed upon us all, and the sea-changes in cardicians' thinking that were caught in Marlo's wake."
- Jamy Ian Swiss

"Marlo's M.I.N.T collections 1 and 2 are jam packed with exactly the kind of material serious magicians whisper about - fiendishly clever, doable in the real world and so obscured by time and inaccessibility that they will still fool the pants off even knowledgable wizards. If you're looking for deepsecrets to power up your card magic, rest assured you can find them in these two books."
- Phill Smith

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