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FAST MATH by Lars La Ville & La Ville Magic

FAST MATH by Lars La Ville & La Ville Magic

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EFFECTS: FAST MATH  - (Face up) Here is an old effect, with my handling with... mehr


FAST MATH - (Face up) Here is an old effect, with my handling with number cards. The spectator names a number from 34 to 99. You now place down 16 cards very fast on the table 4 x 4. All the rows now adds up to the number the spectator named.

Also the center and the corners adds up to the number. I use a different calculation method to fast figure out which card I should start with. One version requires you have to memorize a little, but there is also one version that requires no memory work at all.

FAST MATH - (Face down) This is the same effect as Fast Math (Face up), but here with an idea by Dan Harlan, to start with the cards face down. Here you turn the cards over one by one to show each row is adding up to the number the spectator has named. Handling, setup and system by Lars La Ville.


The next two effects, need some more extra memory work and I guess they are not for everyone. I just wanted to share the ideas.

Here you let the spectator shuffle the cards and they are split into 2 piles. The spectator freely chooses one pile. Now the magician place down fast the 16 cards and say: "I will now try to memorize all the position of all the cards and see if I can add up each row when I'm blindfolded. First give me 15 seconds to memorize the numbers and positions of all of the numbers." The magician now puts on a blindfold and can now say what every row adds up too. This version needs some memory work, so this is not for everybody.


The magician put on a blindfold and the spectator now names any number from 34 to 99. The block of paper is marked with the letters A, B, C, D horizontal, and with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 vertical. You now tell the spectator were to write the numbers, write 10 in D4, 16 in C2 etc., and after all 16 numbers is written down, you take off the blindfold, and show the spectator that all the squares adds up to their named number. This version is not easy.


This is the classic magic square you make on a piece of paper. This one is inspired from Harry Lorayne, but using my counting system to calculate fast, which number you should start with. I also added a peek idea, so you know which numbers you should use for the magic square. The spectator can name any number between 33 to 201. The good thing about this square is that there is not 4 numbers that are big, compared to the other numbers. It requires some memory work. There is also one version that don't requires any memory work.


Here you just use a Sharpie and a post it block. The spectator names any number between 33 and 201. You know tell the spectator which numbers the spectator should write on each post it notes. Then you pick them all up and place them fast under each other. Then all the rows will add up the number the spectator named.

Duration: 90 min.

(C) - La Ville Magic 2024

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