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Commercial Card Magic by Wolfgang Riebe video DOWNLOAD

Commercial Card Magic by Wolfgang Riebe video DOWNLOAD

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A teach-in video for card magicians who are searching for reputation building commercial tricks... mehr

A teach-in video for card magicians who are searching for reputation building commercial tricks that are fast, visual and mind-blowing for a lay audience, yet will also blow away fellow magicians.

Full performance video followed by a detailed explanation of every trick.

8 Tricks in total of which 5 can be performed with a borrowed deck!

ALL BACKS: Ideally performed with a borrowed bicycle 'seconds' deck, but any deck can be used. All cards change to double backs, except for the chosen card.

OUT OF THIS WORLD - OUTDONE!: The ultimate impromptu version of this classic using a borrowed deck, and it fools magicians too!

UNIQUE ACE APPEARANCES: Are you searching for a truly original and unique 4 Aces appearance? Then this is for you.

CARD TO PAPER WALLET: This is no ordinary card to wallet! A signed, selected card appears in a paper wallet folded up in front of the spectator. Very novel!

3,4,5 OF SPADES: A visual effect where the middle pip of a 3 of Spades disappears onto a 4 of Spades changing it into the spectators' selected 5 of Spades card!

JOKER SURPRISE: 3 Regular red cards change into 3 Jokes one at a time, and then back again. Use borrowed cards. Extremely visual!

FRED OUTDONE: If you thought you knew the classic FRED trick, here's the ultimate version that fools magicians too. Any thought of card is the only blue backed card with the name FRED written on it in a red backed deck. No rough & smooth!

BLANK CARD SURPRISE: Here's a use for all those extra double blank cards! A spectators' signature written on one card ends up on 3 inspected blank cards.

The video instructions include:

  • Full performance with spectators
  • A FULL, clear explanation on how to perform each trick
  • Use your OWN cards
  • Card sleight difficulty level - 6 out of 10
  • 20 YEARS of refinement explained
  • Logical EASY TO FOLLOW routines
  • MAXIMUM entertainment
  • GLOBAL appeal

Download now!

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