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Electronic Fire Wallet (long) Zaubertrick

Electronic Fire Wallet (long)

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Electronic Fire Wallet (Long) This Wallet can be used as an every day wallet yet... mehr

Electronic Fire Wallet (Long)

This Wallet can be used as an every day wallet yet when the moment is right you can open it to a burst of flames more than a foot tall! It has an improved firebox that instantly extinguishes the flames when you close the wallet; no more 'fiery leaks'.

Compared with previous Supreme Fire Wallet, this wallet has electronic spark ignition and flint ignition that will work every time!

This is a real working pro's wallet. Every wallet is hand tooled and hand assembled and each has been tested for form and function.

The improved wallet is designed with a proper seal between both fire boxes which will store petrol and ensure it does not evaporate over 12 hours. There is also a magnet in the seal to make the wallet extinguishes quickly when closed.

You can feel free to carry your money, cards, etc. in this wallet and when the occasion arises, open it to a flaming spectacle.

All the words in the world can't convey what you will feel and appreciate once you have our wallet in your hands. Plainly said, there is no finer Fire Wallet on the market, PERIOD!

Available in black and brown. Made from the finest leather. This wallet looks and indeed can be used as an everyday wallet.

Not sold to anyone under the age of 18.

Comes with a wallet,  an usb charger and video instruction.

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