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Pendant Kartentrick


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A stylish new card effect that ends with the spectator getting a souvenir that will cement... mehr

A stylish new card effect that ends with the spectator getting a souvenir that will cement your performance in their memory for a lifetime. A card is selected (possibly signed), and then becomes inexplicably fixed to a chain sandwiched between two Jokers.This never-before seen sandwich effect canbe performed fairly in front of even your most suspicious spectators. The Pendant is suitable for a wide range of situations from close up to parlor magic.


  • A deck of cards is displayed to show that a small hole has been punched into each card.
  • The spectator selects a card and signs it.
  • The card is returned to the deck.
  • The deck is placed between two face-up Jokers and a chain is threaded through the holes.
  • The deck, suspended by the chain, gets lowered into a bag then quickly pulled out to reveal that the only thing left on the chain is the signed selection sandwiched between the two Jokers.


  • No difficult sleight of hand required.
  • The effect is easy to perform.
  • Suitable for a wide range of performance environments.
  • The spectator can receive a souvenir that will create a lasting impression.
  • Easy to follow instructions will teach you how to construct your own refills.
  • Pendant easily resets for repeat performances (if you decide not to give away the props)

Inside the package:

  • Gimmicked deck (red Bicycle)
  • 4 refill cards (uncut)
  • Chain
  • Special drawstring bag
  • Explanation


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