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catch by vanishing inc
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catch by vanishing inc

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" Catch " gives you magical powers that once felt like they were only possible on the... mehr

"Catch" gives you magical powers that once felt like they were only possible on the big screen.

"I love this gimmick. It does all of the hard work while you get to take all of the credit."
Tom Elderfield

Close your eyes and picture yourself being able to truly make a coin vanish from your hand. Really take a moment to envision what it would look like if you had magical powers.

Got it?

Now, open your eyes and watch the trailer. For many of you, what appears in that video is probably quite similar to what you created with your mind movie. And that's exactly what Vanishing Inc. was going for when they created "Catch".

This revolutionary gimmick allows you to place a coin on your legitimately empty palm and cleanly close your fingers around it before opening them just a brief moment later to show that the coin has completely vanished. No fishy movements or awkward tells. Just pure magic.

"Catch" can be used with either hand and works with all types of pocket change from a variety of different countries and currencies. You can even borrow or sign the coins. The gimmick is easy to use and doesn't have any fragile moving parts or magnets.

Once the coin is secure in the "Catch" gimmick, an innovative locking system keeps it secured in place until you wish to release it. That's right. "Catch" not only vanishes coins, but allows you to produce them as well-making it the perfect utility for transpositions, changes, or any of your other favorite coin tricks.

The coolest part of this gimmick is that you can do it with your sleeves rolled up (but you will need to wear something like a watch or wrist strap to hold the gimmick). It's an unobtrusive gimmick that is ready to go as soon as you need it.

Each "Catch" gimmick comes with access to a nearly 40-minute download offering a variety of handlings and uses.

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