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Amnesia by Vincent Hedan
Amnesia by Vincent Hedan
Amnesia means "loss of memory" in Spanish, because my book explores the famous Mnemonica memorized deck by Juan Tamariz, WITHOUT having to memorize it! After 15 years of research on Mnemonica, Vincent Hedan discovered surprising properties thanks to which you can perform impossible effects, WITHOUT knowing the order of the deck. You just need a regular deck, then you arrange...
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Wandcraft by Judge Gary Brown & Lawrence Hass Zauberbuch
Wandcraft by Judge Gary Brown & Lawrence Hass
Although the magic wand is a primary symbol of magic, many magicians today disregard it as an affectation, anachronism, or empty contrivance. And so, they lose sight of its power and promise as an instrument of magic. In this groundbreaking book, Judge Gary Brown reawakens us to the potential of magic's most ancient tool. Growing out of his own dawning realization and...
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